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This is the real highlight of the finest cuisine, with its unusual and intoxicating taste, the truffle has always been the fantasy and imagination of the most refined palates.

Being a natural fungus and growing underground, the truffle proliferates in the dark and silent secret of land to those who can find the feeling of having found a little treasure. That is why since ancient times to this day, enjoy a plate in which includes truffles, has its rituals and its pleasure, that no other food can claim.

S.Z. Tartufi select the best truffles that hunters find daily, and thanks to our selected couriers you can receive your truffles within 24 hours across Europe and parts of America and within two days accross the rest of the world.

Storage: to really get the flavour from the truffles, we recommend consuming it as fresh as possible, but according to some recipes, you will be able to consume the white truffle even after a week and the black truffle up to a fortnight from collection. A simple method is to wrap every single truffle, without removing the earth covering it in cloth or absorbent paper towels to be changed every day, everything should be stored a jar tightly closed and stored in the least cold part of the refrigerator . The retention period depends on the state of truffles at the time of purchase, it is important to avoid truffles which feel mushy and have no resistance when touched. It is essential that the truffles are not deprived of the land that usually covers them if not before being consumed. Fact, the earth forms a protective layer that with its moisture slows down the aging of the truffle itself. When it comes time to use them, you need to wash them well with water, brushing gently.

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Harvesting calendar

Typology Opening Closing
Summer truffle
(Tuber Aestivum Vitt.)
15 may 15 settembre
15 october 31 december
White truffle
(Tuber Magnatum Pico)
1 october 15 january
Burgundy truffle
(Tuber Aestivum var. uncinatum Chatin)
1 october 15 may
Black truffle "Perigord"
(Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.)
15 november 15 march
Whitish truffle
(Tuber Borchii Vitt.)
15 january 15 april
Brumale truffle
(Tuber Brumale Vitt.)
15 november 15 march
Moscato brumale truffle
(Tuber Brumale var. moschatum De Ferry)
15 november 15 march
Garlic truffle
(Tuber Macrosporum Vitt.)
1 october 31 december
Ordinary Black truffle
(Tuber Mesentericum Vitt.)
1 october 31 january