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Black Truffle

S.Z. Tartufi - Black Truffle

The black truffle, the "Tuber Melanosporum Vitt", is also known as the "Norcia Truffle" or the "Black PĂ©rigord Truffle" in France. It is round in shape and smooth to touch, however it has small polygonal warts covering the surface. The truffle's surface is blackish brown in color, and the glebe is clear with white contrasting veins. Its perfume is intense, sweet, aromatic and fruity.
It grows in hilly and mountainous areas in symbiosis with oak trees.
After the white truffle it is considered the most valuable on a commercial level, and is one of the protagonists of international cuisine. The black truffle grows where vegetation is scarce, under the trees in which they grow, there is usually little or no grass due to the action of its mycelium.
The black truffle is the most widely cultivated species, and for years, the production and cultivation of the black truffle has increased rapidly. We believe that Abruzzo is one of the regions with the highest yield of black truffles within the Italy.
The harvesting period is from November 15 to March 15.

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