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White Truffle

S.Z. Tartufi - White truffle

The white truffle, the 'Tuber Magnatum Pico', is considered to be the culinary diamond, because of its substantial commercial importance. The truffle has a globular shape, with small depressions on the rind that give it a irregular yet natural look. The outer surface of the truffle is smooth and slightly velvety to touch. Visually, the colour ranges from pale to dark cream sometimes having a light greenish tint. The flesh or glebe is unmistakable and is a white or greyish yellow colour, with thin white veins. The smell is a pleasantly aromatic scent, however it is very different to other truffles, which makes it unique. The truffle lives in symbiosis alongside ash, limes, poplars and willow trees, and is rarely found in combination with other truffles. The white truffle needs a particular soil with equally unique climatic conditions to grow and develop. The soil must be soft and wet for most of the year, it should also be rich in calcium and have good air circulation. It is therefore understandable that not all soil exhibits these characteristics and it is these environmental factors that mean that the white truffle is considered a rare commodity. Today Abruzzo and Molise are the regions where there are the most white truffles, thanks to the more recent discovery of the tuber. Compared to other regions, Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches have all exploited their truffle zones for decades.
The harvest is from September 15th (Piedmont) and October 1st (Abruzzo) until December 31st.

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