Italian Fresh Truffles



S.Z. Tartufi Ugo e Pasquale

The history of S.Z. Tartufi began in the mid 1980's when Pasqualino Zaccardi and Ugo Serafini, originally quarrymen, first lay the foundations of what was then just a hobby, and as the years passed became their business. The experience gained in this field has proved to be fundamentally important: the love of nature and its products and the relationship with the dog, which are factors that have always accompanied them in their business that has now evolved, and today allows S.Z. Tartufi to share it's story, it's experience and it's dedication to the truffles with customers all over the world.

S.Z. Tartufi also offers a wide range of truffle products that will satisfy all of your culinary wishes. They lend themselves very well to be used to flavour pasta dishes, meat or fish, sandwiches and whatever else the imagination suggests. All of our products are sterilized and comply with the regulations in force with the H.A.C.C.P.