S.Z. Tartufi Fresh Uncinato Truffle SECOND CHOICE - Tuber Aestivum Vitt. var. Uncinatum

Fresh Uncinato Truffle SECOND CHOICE - Tuber Aestivum Vitt. var. Uncinatum

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The Uncinatum Chatin truffle (Tuber Aestivum var. Uncinatum Chatin) is the winter variant of the summer truffle. By SECOND CHOICE we mean truffles from 5 to 20 gr. whole or over 20 grams slightly scratched. The choice does not determine the quality but on

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The winter variant of the summer truffle.
The black hooked truffle, scientific name Tuber Aestivum var. Uncinatum Chatin is a truffle similar to scorzone and still there are conflicting opinions about belonging to the Aestivum species: for some it is a systematically distinct species, for others it is a different variety, still others argue that the different environment allows for more maturation. late.
It has a gleba that is darker than that of Tuber Aestivum, almost chocolate-colored in mature specimens, and a peridium with warts that are not transversely striated.
Harvesting in Abruzzo takes place mainly in cool areas with constant humidity all year round such as beech woods and does not tolerate summer drought and likes half-shade exposures and higher altitudes. It is found above all in environments protected from direct sunlight such as deep valleys and north-facing slopes. It ripens in autumn, from October to December, in broad-leaved woods, especially beech and oak woods, on predominantly clayey or humus-rich soils.The harvest period is from 1st October to 15th March.

Truffle is a very delicate ingredient. It can be stored in a cool place and for a short period (maximum 7-10 days) wrapped in a breathable gauze and closed in a glass jar

Before tasting the truffle, make sure to clean it well from all traces of earth, rinsing it moderately and using a brush or a semi-hard bristle brush.

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Fresh Uncinato Truffle SECOND CHOICE - Tuber Aestivum Vitt. var. Uncinatum
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